Park Square and Crescent Garden Terrace Lawn Renovation Works

We wish to advise you that now the weather and soil conditions are appropriate over the coming weeks in April and early May, large scale lawn renovation works are to be carried out in Park Square and Park Crescent. These works will involve aeration, scarification, overseeding and fertilization of the lawns and will require the use of large machinery. Whilst this work is being undertaken either in Park Crescent or Park Square Garden the garden will be closed as per our health and safety policy. We will strive to keep disruption to a minimum for garden users, but please heed any cordons or notices as the work progresses. All appropriate Risk Assessments and Method Statements have been approved by the CEPC along with further COVID 19 Site Specific Control Measures. Once the work is complete some lawns areas will be cordoned off for non-use to allow the newly seeded areas to establish. We would appreciate if you would please heed these cordons. We apologise for the inconvenience these works may cause you, but the benefit will soon be seen and enjoyed by all.