From Monday 2 August 2021 our cleaning contractor, One Complete Service will be cleaning out all the storm drains, gullies and drainage cannels in all Terraces and Mews using a large vacuum tanker lorry. This is being done to reduce flooding over the winter months. We anticipate that it will take about two days to complete.

The vacuum tanker will require access to all the gully pots. Therefore, we kindly ask you not to park above or on top of any gully grate and/or drain cover because they need to be accessed and/or lifted to allow the vacuum hose to suck out the contents. You may be asked by our staff to move vehicles to facilitate access. If this is required, your assistance would be greatly appreciated and will help reduce the cost of these works.

The CEPC thanks you for your cooperation during these works and apologises for any inconvenience they may cause.

Should you require any further information or assistance please do not hesitate at all in contacting the CEPC via: or 020 7935 8049 or 07774 938 715 (24 hrs)