Nursemaids’ Tunnel project – Progress update

The Nursemaids’ Tunnel project is well underway. Stonewest (the contractor undertaking the works) are making excellent progress. The southern wall In Park Crescent has been removed and the concrete retaining wall has now been constructed. The original bricks will be used to rebuild the southern wall as the next stage of this project on the south. The other wall on the south has been cleaned and some repairs carried out. The new soldier course has now been installed using the correct lime mortar and techniques.

The drainage channels on either side of the approach ramps have now been removed and logged. These will be repaired and relayed once the walls have been rebuilt and the new drainage installed.

The wall on the north side of the tunnel has started to come down and will soon be rebuilt using the same methods as in the south.

The interior of the tunnel is being cleaned and the paint work removed using a steam based technique. We are trialling different light fittings at the moment in line with what was suggested by the CEPC Heritage Advisor. This is a copper style up/down lighter which will be installed in the centre of the bays on alternate walls.

Please follow this link to the heritage report section of the website, where there is a selection of images available to view of the works to date.

Please keep an eye on the website at the end of each month for updates on the progress of the project.

Once again I do apologise for any inconvenience caused to garden users.