Proposed railing works

Further to the notification email sent last week to all York Terrace West residents regarding the proposed railing works, we have received comment from some residents about the timing and impact of proposed works.

I would like to take this opportunity to assure all residents that during the period of works we will minimise disruption as much as possible. The scope of works is to remove the railings from the pavement side of the garden and load them onto a vehicle to be taken for full refurbishment off site. Whilst the railings are being refurbished, new plinths/foundations will be laid for the railings and a small York stone wall constructed as per the existing completed sections already in the garden. Once refurbishment of the railings is complete, they will be returned and installed onto the new plinths.

The garden will be available for regular use throughout the works. All works will be limited to the existing fence line boundary of the garden and will have no impact on the main use of the general garden areas. Full screening will be put in place to maintain privacy once the section of hedging at the railing line has been removed and will be in place until the new planting has established.

Regarding timing of the work, 2020 has been very hard for all regarding COVID 19 and many works have been delayed. This includes the quintennial painting which we understand is now expected to be completed in September/October 2021. We have planned for this section of railing work to finish at the same time as the painting and feel this is the least disruptive manner in which to do the works. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions or concerns regarding these works.

Chester Terrace Ballustrade

Further to the meeting on 17 March 2021 and my subsequent letter of 5 May 2021 with the notes of the meeting, we have uploaded to the CEPC’s website the Quantity Surveyor’s cost for the further variation of Option 1, being Option 1B. This is for a new balustrade designed to be demountable. The Scheme Proposals and Pricing Document has also been updated and uploaded.

Please note that Option 1B does not include the cost of wall/foundation replacement, which is costed elsewhere, but does include the assumption that in year 5 the balustrade would be taken down and reinstated. It is implicit in taking down and reinstating the balustrade that the issue of the foundations would be addressed at the point it was taken down. This is in contrast to the other iterations of Option 1 where it has been assumed there will be ongoing repairs over 20 years but no major repairs to the wall/foundations.

The link to these documents is They are numbered 7. and 8. respectively.

Railing Refurbishment

Following on from a site meeting on Monday 15 June 2021, we write to advise that refurbishment works to the railings at York Terrace West will likely commence mid August 2021. The scope of works is to remove 15m of railing for full refurbishment, to continue with the York stone retaining wall and reinstall the railings on a stone plinth as per previously completed sections.

We estimate works will run for between 8-10 weeks, however, the duration will depend on the condition of the railings and the work required. Some existing vegetation including the hedge will be removed as part of these works.

Screening will be erected to maintain privacy during the works and until new planting is established.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding these works.

Refuse Issues – Park Square East

It has been brought to our attention that over the last few weeks an enormous amount of rubbish has been left on the pavement overnight. Whilst we appreciate that Camden Council only collect your rubbish on a Friday morning, leaving this rubbish overnight is now attracting more urban wildlife to come and spread it across the pavement in a rather unpleasant way. Where possible, please can we ask that rubbish is either placed in a bin close to your property, or that it is put out on the

morning of collection in order to ensure that our environment can be kept clean, tidy and pest free. If your collection has been missed, please report this on the Camden website at the earliest opportunity. Their policy is to arrange for a collection within 24 hours of the notification.

Dog fouling and use of lawn

Following on from the email sent out to all residents at Kent Terrace last week, a small black dog has been seen wandering around the terrace garden. Please could we remind that If you are a dog owner, that the CEPC’s Garden Regulations state that dogs are not allowed to foul in beds, lawns or permitted access to terrace gardens, regardless of any intention to clear up afterwards. Dog fouling makes maintaining your garden areas a very unpleasant task for the gardeners and constitutes a health hazard. It is dangerous as contact with dog excrement can cause toxocariasis, an infection that can lead to dizziness, nausea, asthma and even blindness or seizures. We do not expect CEPC Gardeners to work in such conditions.

Please can you ensure that all family members, household staff, contractors and visitors are aware of the relevant Garden Regulations. A copy of which can be found at

Please could I also remind all residents that the lawn areas are currently undergoing lawn renovations and are closed to users (signage has been erected on the lawn areas detailing this). Excessive wear through personal training or heavy footfall will not allow the seed to successfully germinate and grow. Please can all residents keep off the lawns until reinstatement is complete and the signage has been removed by the gardeners.

Thank you for your cooperation.